Checking Fixtures

dispostivo de controle para aferição com furo dispositivo de controle para aferição da qualidade



The checking fixture is an essential measurement instrument in series production processes, since they offer speed to the quality control of the product. The control is made through position control pins, rulers, fillers, etc. ... and the linear tolerance specifications, surface, position or other, are controlled according to customer specification or specified in the part design. In addition, the CHECKING FIXTURES can be used as a support base for the dimensioning of parts in the three-dimensional machine. In general, the checking fixtures acts as a tool for quality inspection in manufacturing processes.


The customers of Estampo Tec, most of times, have the need to acquire a tooling with a checking fixture, to later be able to control the serial production. For this reason, Estampo Tec has been specializing in the manufacture of checking fixtures, always delivering products of the highest quality and precision.

dispositivo de controle projetado em 3D

The checking fixtures manufactured by Estampo Tec can be customized according to the customer´s requirements, always in accordance with the specifications and concepts demanded by the main automotive manufacturers in the market, such as: VW - RPS (Reference Points System); HONDA - DNT SETTINGS (Shyousho); FORD - GD & T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing); PSA - MEASURING RANGE.

dispositivo de controle para base-plate

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