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Estampo Tec is a Brazilian company that has been operating in the market since 1990, specialized in development and construction of tools and supply of stamped components for the national and international market of auto parts, home appliances and other sectors. Strengthened by a highly qualified technical staff, develops projects and solutions for precision progressive tools and metallic stamping components.

Based on this experience, Estampo Tec, with a modern and active management, occupies a prominent position in the stamping, tooling and precision machining ranking. Counting with a large structure and modern equipments, which confers to made tools, high quality and precision allied to speed of execution that make Estampo Tec a special company in the worldwide market.

Its large and modern facilities of 6,500 m2 were planned and built in order to ensure adequate and optimized conditions to offer a wide range of services, within a Certified Quality Management System in accordance with IATF 16949:2016 e ISO 9001:2015. It is a company that grows at a fast pace, in a sustainable way, always offering services of superior quality, so as to enable a fast and mainly effective service to its clients.

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Nossa Visão

We want to remain among the leading companies in our segment through our workforce, investing in equipment, technology, training of our employees, commitment to quality and satisfaction of our customers.

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Estampo Tec has as fundamental values:

- Ethic

- Determination

- Commitment

- Innovation

- Respect for the Environment

- Team work.

- Continuous and Sustainable Improvement

- Respect for People - Clients, Employees, Suppliers and Community

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We exist to offer to the national and international market complete solutions in the production of stamped parts and assemblies, manufacture and development of tools and devices, with high level of technology and quality, respecting the environment with increasing and sustainable profitability.


- Estampo Tec doesn´t work, encourages or supports any type of practice that has as an objective to infringe the Brazilian Laws, to obtain any commercial advantages, either to facilitate actions with clients or to harm competitors;

- The payment and / or receipt of bribery is strictly prohibited, as well as any practices that lead to the conduct of the same in order to gain an advantage in business;

- Estampo Tec's values / conduct include: Ethics, Respect for people, customers, employees, suppliers and the community. In this way we don´t admit any form in the treatment that will hurt these values / conduct;

- Estampo Tec expects its employees, third parties, representatives, suppliers and customers to attend to the issues defined above and conduct their work in this way;

- Communicate, at any time, the Estampo Tec´s management on evidence of use of bribery, corruption or any illegal practices by employee or representative or third party;

- If means and / or methods that may or may not comply with the above are verified, this will result in disciplinary actions through the laws in force.

Company Facilities

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